One of the most important concepts that you would ever learn as a human being is the concept of return on effort. Screw this idea up and you will fail in life at the very least you will be settling on the sense on the dollar. You’re putting all this time, effort, and energy, and you getting only a tiny fraction of what you deserve. Unfortunately, if you don’t pay attention to the concept of return on effort, you are getting exactly what you deserve, you didn’t do your homework, and now you’re paying the price.

I want you to wake up to this reality because it’s so easy to spend a lot of time, effort, and emotional energy doing stuff online only to waste that time. You could be making more money investing that time, effort, and energy on another venture. You could have a better body; you could be smarter. You could become a more enlightened person. That’s the power of time because whatever you focus your time on, you get deeper and more substantial results.

Compare this with money, with money you can only buy a limited amount of things you can only buy a limited amount of experiences, not so with time. This is why its really important to spend as little time as possible on an activity while getting the maximum amount of reward from that activity. That should be your Mantra, that should be your guiding philosophy.

Now you may be thinking “Well this guidance would apply if you’re talking about doing well at work.” This would apply if you are talking about being more efficient while studying. Well, it also applies to plus size dating. I know you’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking “What the hell is plus size dating has to do with maximizing return on effort?” Well, I would argue that has everything to do with it because if you don’t play your cards right with plus size dating, eventually you would get so depressed, so discouraged, and so demotivated that you would throw your hands up in the air and just give up.

As you probably already know the only way to fail in life is to quit. So do yourself a big favor and maximize your return on effort so you continue to become emotionally engaged and operate at a high level of emotional urgency. If you’re able to preserve those two factors, then plus size dating becomes easier and easier, you start getting better and better results, and things work out for you.

How yo do maximize your return on effort? First, you need to join the right websites. Second, you need to apply the right strategy. The right strategy is not a mystery; the right strategy of course is a numbers’ game. Just as you would swipe profiles on tinder quickly, as long as, it has a pussy you’d swipe the profile, you should do the same with plus size dating websites.

Once you get a handful of women responding to you then you need to play the quality game. You need to make them feel special; you need to feel comfortable to get that BBW date and knock the ball of out of the park when it comes to fucking. If you’re able to deliver to her the kind of sexual ecstasy, she’s looking for, she will invite you again and again.

Since this is an anonymous online dating, don’t be surprised if she brings an overweight friend or other sexy bbw with her as well. That’s how things work out, and it all begins with you resolving to maximize the return on effort.